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Reckoning - Resource Overview - This page contains the story and overview of materials produced for Reckoning

Currently directories containing most of the materials associated to Reckoning can be accessed via https: PCLOUD COMING SOON (Moving access to the files) and other links as described below. The directories and content of the above dropbox are as follows: ChapterGIFs - This directory Contains animated GIF files of parts 1-6 that will end up as albums 1-5 ( a super quick overview of the chapters) Models - Contains models too sizeable to fit in the TinkerCAD repository Pictures - Pictures taken in connection with the project. rokoko_smart_suitdata - This directory contains smartsuit data collected in zipped files (fbx/csv) Storyboards - The actual full size storyboards used as reference material. The storyboards are used as reference material for the 3D poses of characters for each panel, as well as for models and the scenery to be made in order for the comicbooks to come alive. Videos - Contains videos produced in connection with Reckoning Download the first SCIFI Bundle from Reckoning from the link below: Models produced and released as freely downloadable STL models can also be found at TinkerCAD:

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