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This page will hold references to book, movie or comicbook reviews I have written

BLURBS to be turned into review sections

Here are a few blurbs on some upcoming comicbooks I've had a chance to get a sneak peek at!


The start of a modern day Werewolf tale that traces back into a dark past. The ominously colored cover invites the reader inside and it jumps straight into a nightmarish scenario complete with creatures of the night. If I was to describe the first chapter in just a few words it would be “A promise of ominous mischief and fantastic heroism”, Nightwolf looks like the promising start of a series where we follow our protagonist discover themselves and the role they play in the grander scheme of things. It is a property filled with characters of dark and light, with names known and unknown. Once the forces of good and evil are truly unleashed it will be an epic battle indeed. If this one makes its way to your comic book store you definitely need to give it a chance.

Blurb: “A promise of ominous mischief and fantastic heroism” - Einar Petersen, creator of Reckoning a scifi series readable by the blind.

The Oswald Chronicles

Right from the bat the somewhat bemused looking mouse with the red butterfly indicates you are in for a treat, peering inside an elderly looking mouse speaks, while writing what seems to be a memoir of a last note of sorts, something to leave behind for posterity.

We then hear the story of the mouse from birth and follow our mouse protagonist as it grows into an entity of it's own, seeking knowledge from the world an act that brings alienation and misunderstanding until an unlikely friendship begins.

Our mouse protagonist gets his name and from there on Oswald slowly finds some purpose until one night something happens and the girl Sally comes under attack by evil goblins. From then on out Oswald engages in a heroic fight against forces he has yet to understand using all the cunning and tricks that a little mouse can muster.

Blurb: The fantastic tale of a mouse called Oswald - A story than makes you ponder upon unlikely friendships and the unfair hardships of life that sometimes befall those who deserve better. A reminder to do what we can, to fight the fight despite impossible odds - This is the story of Oswald, the first chapter of The Oswald Chronicles - Einar Petersen, creator of Reckoning a scifi series readable by the blind.

By the time I get to Dallas

When you first see the cover of this apocalyptic tale you will want to expect it opens like so many other, there is a virus and then mayhem begins. Not so for the tale of our good Doctor. As I began reading I sputtered with laughter, my wife popped out her head from the doorway and asked what I was laughing about and then I had to tell my wife a recent graduate with a PhD in public health, about this weird tale of a doctor in the midst of an epedemic, her ears stiffened, this sounded like familiar territory and as I explained this was not a tale of zombies, nor of victims rolling on the ground wringing in pain whe was really interested… when I got to the culprit an epedemic of travelers all wanting to get to Dallas she also found her smile and retreated back to her work. Me I continued reading on and as I got to the end of the chapter I knew I wanted MORE!

Blurb: By the time I get to Dallas - A quirky and funny twist on the apocalyptic genre, telling more would spoil the experience. I can just say what I saw I liked! If you get a chance, give “By the time I get to Dallas”, a chance I am fairly certain you wont regret it - Einar Petersen, creator of Reckoning a scifi series readable by the blind.

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