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RX - tinction

a Web Comic from Forever Comics Publishing

RX - tinction is a web comic in the “outbreak genre” and in this take on the whole Zombie/Epedimics thing, we follow Steve Becks an employee at the Medical Examiner.

He is called upon to do a postmortem when he does a find - needless to say he follows the clues which in turn leads him to a startling discovery.

I cant say much more about the story out of fear of revealing too much, but I can say that I in particular enjoyed the humoristic Twilight zone / Outer Limits like manner the story ended up in - An ending that actually allows the possibility for the story to continue.

In this webcomic Matt Kund and Noah Ray are dealing with topics like conspiracy and big pharma and the actual intent and morals of megacorporations.

The style is “dark ink”, a kind of noir. For me it brought out feelings of the style of perhaps reminiscent of some of the Heavy Metal comics I read as a kid or maybe Judge Dredd.

I would have liked the story to be a bit longer but like I said a potential sequel could be happening at some point so who knows.

The comic is actually available at Matt's homepage for free if you fancy a quick read. i won't recommend reading it on a phone sized screen a tablet or PC would definitely be more appropriate for reading ease and enjoyment.

You can find the webcomic here:

Thanks fo checking out this Review of “RX - tinction” by @TheEinarkist I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you will check out Matt and Noah's work on RX - tinction.

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