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The history behind Implant!

(under development)

In the beginning Implant! was a short story tossed out into cyberspace on GeoCities. My reason for writing Implant! can be found in the afterword of the comicbook.

The first Kickstarter

Press etc.

Archived Kickstarter posts

The development of Implant as a comicbook the long haul

The second Kickstarter

Get the comic

Getting the comicbook is as simple as signing up for a one month Patronage (or more) at

Concept images

Below you can see some concept storyboard images by Alexander Sharko and Alyssa Cooper, that have been created based on the story, and even though each of them do really great work each in their own way, another comic book artist has been commissioned for the task for various reasons.


Illustrations by Alexander Sharko

 </br><img src="" alt="slideshow - Alexander Sharko"> 

Illustrations by Alyssa Cooper

 </br><img src="" alt="slideshow Alyssa Cooper ">

Get the comicbook sign up for a one month Patronage (or more) at

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