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Some examples of places to see while in Denmark

Church of Our Saviour,

St Annae Gade 29, København, Danmark

A very unique chruch where you can scale the tower to get a great view of the city.

Get off at Christianshavn metro - Go all the way to the top

Rosenborg Castle

Øster Voldgade 4A, København 1350, Danmark

Located in “The Kings Garden” a recreational area with artwork this is an opportunity to go inside and see the royal treasure vault.

Close to Nørreport station

A review

The National Museum (Nationalmuseet) Ny Vestergade 10, København 1220, Danmark

The Danish National museum -

A review

Statens Museum for Kunst

The National Gallery -

A unique collection of Danish artwork through the history

Amalienborg Slot

They royal guard parades the grounds with intervals, at all times you will find the royal guard manning the watchtowers/entrances

Every day at 11:30 the Royal Guard (Den Kongelige Livgarde) will march from quarters at Rosenborg castle through the streets of Copenhagen ending up at Amalienborg Castle, for the change of the guard at 12:00.

If the queen is home there will be a flag flying at Christian IX's Palæ /Schacks Palæ - In this case the Royal Guard is accompanied by The Band of The Royal Life Guards.

Here you can find a review;


Seat of government and former residence of the Danish royals - worth a visit, see the royal stables, the underground foundations and walk in the palace of a King seeing and entering chambers used for official business of the Danish royals and Government.

Copenhagen from the seaside

A nice seaside view of Copenhagen can be achieved by going down to Nyhavn paying around 40DKK per person - Mind your heads!!! Do not stand up while sailing under the bridges.

The Opera House

The Royal Theatre

Two unique buildings each with their own history and atmosphere

The Postal Museum (closed until 2017 when opening in a new location) - Gives insight into the oldest still existing royal postal service in the world. Postvæsenet (established in 1624)

The Round Tower (Rundetaarn) Købmagergade 52, København 1150, Danmark

This unique building was part of the Trinitatis Complex, it is tower with an access road going almost all the way to the top enabling a horse carriage ride for the King to the top of the star observatory intended as a replacement for the Stjerneborg observatory of the late Tycho Brahe that had been demolished after his death.


Copenhagen ZOO one of the oldest in the world is known around the world for research and their unique way of engaging audiences exploring the life and death of animals and seeing such things as autopsies up close much to the dismay of over zealous activists who do not recognize that Copenhagen Zoo makes their decisions with utmost respect for the animals and the scientific value and with a close eye on conservation,

Frilandsmuseet (Open-Air Museum) Kongevejen 100, København, Danmark

During the summer this open air museum sporting buildings from the past to the present day is perfect for a whole day outing with a lunch basket

Tivoli -

Not the oldest but likely one of the most famous amusement parks in the world and a must see if you are in Copenhagen, while Bakken can be found a mere train ride of 30 minutes or so away from Tivoli would also be worth a visit as it is situated in Dyrehaven a magnificent forest that also holds the Ermitage Castle a hunting “cabin” used by the Royals.

The little mermaid -

I guess no description needed - A sculpture originally inspired by the H.C. Andersen tale, from time to time embroiled in controversy both from random acts of “destruction” and financial turmoil as the heirs of the late artist feel they have ownership of any mermaid sitting on top of a stone and relentlessly pursue artists and others who create mermaid artwork in an attept to secure royalties to line their pockets.


The castle of Shakespeares Hamlet, remember the line “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” - Hamlet (1.4), Marcellus to Horatio. Possibly one of the most globally recognized lines from Shakespeares plays


Museum of Modern art and a must see

It is normally possible to buy a combined ticket at Central station giving you a cheaper train ride and entry than if you buy the two separately, check this at the ticket office at København Hovedbanegård (KBH H).

Den gamle by - in Århus (Aarhus) - is a place to experience a “living historical city” as it stood in certain era's and as it has developed, from times of old till now, you will find everything from the old farmhouse to the “modern” 70'ies - A unique experience.

Fregatten Jylland - A unique wooden ship from the era when the world went from sails to steam, 71 meter long frigate crew of 437, first hoising of the flag 15. maj 1862, after which it went on a cadet expedition.

Moesgaard Museum

This historical museum holds some of the oldest collestion from viking ages and the oldes mummified remains discovered in Denmark to date (grauballemanden)and 2016 a guest exhibition about the Terracotta army of the Qin Dynasty


If given a chance Bornholm could also be an interesting place to see, superb nature and with the unique roundchurches remnants from Templar times.

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