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This page has been created in response to to the “content filtering that apparently is going on at Slashdot”

Response to California Lawmaker Wants 3-D Printers To Be Regulated

The text slashdot would not allow

And this guy thinks that a 3D Printer cant print a 3D Printer…. and he actually believes that a registry will have any value at all ? And that criminals will not have access to these technologies or distribute them ?

As someone living in Europe I must say this is a perfect example as to the way US politicians are wasting, your hard earned tax dollars in futile attempts to create a totally controlled society where all your freedom is being eroded.

Sure the same thing is happening here as well where power elites and dirty money are trying to engulf us all in a mighty machine of bureaucracy.

But it is truly saddening to see this happening in the USA which used to be a bastion for liberty of all kinds.

I hope that the American public begins to wake up as realize that control and registration of every nook and cranny of peoples lives is not the way forward if they wish to retain the freedom that their ancestors fought so hard to earn.

Say no to crazy legislation like this and help us here in Europe to keep our freedom (or whats left of it) as European lawmakers seem to have a nack for trying to implement equally insane legislation once it passes elsewhere.

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