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“Jason is that you” - Skriva á Inuit

Quickly p34

The SeaWolf

briefing room

ubådstårn. P35 “Full speed ahead, take us down ensign 24 degrees!”- P 35 “RUSSIAN ONLY” P35 “Sorry”, the ensign replied.P 35 “Prepare tubes 1 to 4” P36 “Tube 1 to 4 ready captain”P36 “Good”P36 “Just a little closer”P36 “Enemy has lock, repeat enemy has lock”P36 “Evasive action ensign, fire tubes 1-3 at will”P36 “Afirmative”P36 “Tube 1 and two clear - Torpedos away”P36 “How many runs Vasilii ?”P36 “3346 on number 2 - just 520 on number 1”P36 “Fair enough, that ought to be enough”P36 “I believe so captain”P37

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