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- Our protagonist, freedom fighter in the FWLA (Free World Liberation Army) former anti terror squad member, arctic operations.

Years of age:

Love interest: Helga Amundsen

Sharply focused on ridding the planet of the infestation brought by the Vimanas.

Goes through the trials as his namesake of Greek mythology as he progresses through the story transmorphing into a member of what might become tomorrows human race

Helga Amundsen

- Daughter of Professor Amundsen, xxxx position - love interest of Jason

Professor Amundsen

, Oslo University - Professorate in Vedic Arts and Sciences,

The Supreme Commander

Leader of the First World Liberation Army (FWLA) - coordinator of all WLA activities, always completely up to date and in touch with everything going on, possesses immense mental capabilities, remembering names places and personal details about everyone he associates with.

Exceptionally well versed in every aspect of human history, from early times, to contemporary events as well as incredible insightful when it comes to science.

The supreme commander is able to reason with most men and make them feel at ease regardless of their worries, yet he never allows any direct interaction with those to whom he spoke.

Boils down to the fact that he is an AI in hiding from the forces that wish to destroy him and humanity as he knew it.


- Greenland hunter friend of Jason

Dr. Zhao

- Nanotech robotics specialist

- Working at secret lab at 3 Gorges Dam

Dr. Han

- Nanotech bionics specialist

- Working at secret lab at 3 Gorges Dam


Member of TGB - the Green Brigade - They are a mixed Muslim Christian group investigating and eliminating terror cells worldwide.

Speaks, Danish, English, Hebrew, Arab and Farsi

Lord Narayana

Ruler of the heavenly sky and the divine earth. Or put in other words, the crook who saw an opportunity to beat the New World Order Society at their own game turning their vision into his vision of the New World Order from where he at the top of the power pyramid could play ruler of the Earth with nobody to answer to.

Actual name: Daniel Johnson, Originally a Lieutenant Colonel, in the United Nations Permanently Standing Force, a military unit created after “the Clash in the Ardennes 2034”. Later responsible for a secret program of permanent settlement protection on remote locations, more precisely planets chosen for the planetary recovery program to ensure the survival of humanity in the event of a apocalyptic event. Chosen by the NWO society to head a false flag opreation intended to make humanity believe that alien aggressors had attacked Earth and place all power in the hands of a NWO controlled UN. Lieutenand Colonel Johnson had other plans though and handpicked the heads of his units so carefully that he within a short time had access to immense resources and was able to lay down plans of his very own that would superseede the intents of the NWO Society.

Captain of the SeaWolf (мореволк)

Helmsman of the SeaWolf (мореволк)

Faroese skipper, turned permanent crew member, fished out of the sea by the submarine crew, when his vessel had refused surrender to the Vimanas and was torpedoed later promoted to skipper after the former one died in an attack on the Vimanas.

Also the First Mate

Vasilii Weapons Expert of the SeaWolf (мореволк)

Torpedo trainer and weapons expert


Special Forces - Frømandskorpset - Pill eating weed smoking


Special Forces - Frømandskorpset - weed smoking

Tekgod I

Übergeek - Runs the tek network who develop gizmo's for the WLA in DK

Tekgod II

Helper geek - Does the hard work outfitting and other

Jalayan Commander

Chief Officer of the Jalayan Class Vessel

Watch officer





Ground Controller

Xeno anthropologist

- UN Headquarters


- UN Headquarters

UN-SPACE liaison

UN General secretary

General Bob Thornton

Vice President of the USA/Acting President of the USA

Acting President Trips

President of the USA

Global Networks "GlobeNews" news anchor

- Sarah

GlobeNews Weatherman

- John Nayman

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