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Hacking attempt or illegal use of wiki

It seems like someone with the username called luanne468 calling him/herself – Tamra Dunne using the email address created a page without my consent on behalf of likely to boost their ratings on the internet.

This person or this entity have either hacked into my wiki and illegally placed advertisements on my wiki, or some arsehole they have hired have done so possibly misusing an email address as well so the address might belong to an innocent individual.

I would like to ask that the owners of pay a proper rent for using my wiki illegally from when they or their agent placed the advertisement till today when the page has been put on public display.

If a satisfactory rent for this illegal use is paid to me and takes action to ensure that the individual is reprimanded or prosecuted if feels that this is the appropriate response for the illegal activity, this notice will be removed.

Also I demand that ensures that the above user is contacted regarding possible misuse of the email address and that contact Microsoft to advise of this possible use as well.

You can see the original code injection attempt in the code box below.

Period is 2012/10/17 17:16 to 2015/04/10 05:13

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