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Once in a time before the world became what it is today there lived a people known as the fiordlings.

They were a laboreous people living in harmony with the world surronding them.

Their world knew no poverty or needs.

But one day things began to change.

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About the story

“Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship” this quote from Epicurus - Greek philosopher, BC 341-270 is one of the cornerstone themes of the tale, wealth and riches as well as responsible and fair rule are other cornerstones.

For the reader one can say that you are about to set forth upon a quest for lost treasure, set in an adventurous underwater world created by Einar Petersen populated by characters that have grown out of a set of figurines created by the author's father Børge Petersen.

This is a wondrous story by an author split between the fairytale country of H.C. Andersen and the saga-filled, wind-blown waters of the Faroe Islands.

A gripping tale about people doing what is right in times when everything else is wrong.