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An utterly awesome science fiction tale Reviewed by Einar Petersen - @TheEinarkist

Tertiary - John Coppinger - Cover Page
Last year had the chance to read John F. Coppinger's Tertiary, I did it over a few days and found it hard to put the book down, it was a very pleasant experience indeed.

The story revolves around the discovery of some ancient remains that could significantly affect the present day interpretation of everything that we know of world history and civilization.

I would so very much love to go into the amazing details of this high paced intrigate adventure that the protagonists embark upon, but that would be spoiling your read, wouldn't it?

However without saying too much I can say that if you love dinosaurs, high tech, or nano technology, military and corporate conspiracies all blended with good old fashioned action, I believe Tertiary has a real treat in store for you.

I would absolutely love to see Tertiary made into a movie, it truly holds so many insights into society and life in general, insights that could be beneficial for most people today to contemplate a bit upon, as our society races onward... :)

Enjoy your trip into the past and into the future!

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So to recap:

Dinosaurs (Check!)

High Tech (Check!)

Nano Tech (Check!)

Military and Corporate Conspiracy (Check!)

Action (Check!)

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If you are into his sculpturing (you will if you are a true scifi fan) the please visit his pages https://johncoppinger.com and http://www.life-form.eu for more enjoyment.

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