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The Arianne Stories

A mind blowing science fiction tale of a far future Reviewed by Einar Petersen - @TheEinarkist

The Arianne Stories - John Coppinger - Cover
I finally bought my copy of The Arianne Stories, I'm not too much of a phone/tablet reader kind of guy but after tonight I'm all like...

Man why did I wait this long? And if I am to use an excuse, then maybe because it was only teased about the first time I heard about it, then a million things happen, you know time flies. Yeah I know bad excuse. I have righted that mistake though!

In The Arianne Stories however it is different, time does not simply fly, well except while reading it. No the storyline actually spans centuries... wait actually, I will leave it to you to think about the actual timescale once you've read the story, let's just say it is massive.

The Arianne stories is a depiction of life v. 2.0 or higher. The story sprawls with nano based high technology that is hard to wrap your head around. John F. Coppinger is taking an immense leap in narrative skills to make this all coalesce into a human understandable form in the most wonderful way, but you have to be determined to stay with the story, I'd even like to think that Tertiary is a god primer for what you are about to experience when embarking on the Arianne Stories.

I absolutely love the setup, humans, robots, AI, natural disaster, planetary exploration and structural engineering on an unparalleled scale in Coppingers Universe, and all in one huge melting pot.

I really can't wait for the continuation of this wonderful tale!

If you are up for a ride, way past anything you have probably read in the realm of science fiction, then let John F. Coppinger take you on a trip you won't soon forget.

To Recap:

Science Fiction (Check)

High Tech & Nano Technology (Check)

Robots (Check)

AI (Check)

Living Spaceships (Check)

Still Reading… What are you waiting for ?

Get your copy of this awesome read on Amazon and explore on Goodreads here and visit http://www.ariannestories.co.uk/

If you are into his sculpturing (you will if you are a true scifi fan) the please visit his pages https://johncoppinger.com and http://www.life-form.eu for more enjoyment.

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