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Wireless not working after kernel upgrade

HOWTO fix wireless card using restricted drivers in Linux (Ubuntu).

Once in a while one does something to the computers OS that may require some extra tweaking on your part, it annoys the heck out of me but here is how I have so far been able to fix it.

And what makes it worse is that this more or less occurs after every kernel upgrade…

Well here's the fix:

Try going to the System menu point, choose Restricted drivers Manager.

Then put a tick in enable the restricted driver.

Either choose the driver on your disk if you have it, or choose to download it from the net.

The download is pretty fast and takes only a few seconds - (is the address given by the application).

Yes I said download - You need to plug it in and go wired unless you know where the driver is saved on your disk.

After that your wireless should work again.

This bug, if you can call it that, is really beginning to annoy me in connection with upgrading the kernel….

Hope you manage to solve your problem!

The only real fix would be for hardware manufacturers to stop the hide and seek game that they play out of fear of their competitors and instead cooperate fully with the open source community.

Until manufacturers like Broadcom understand that restricting access to drivers that actually are needed to make their devices work inside other equipment like computers is counter productive we will be stuck with a false image of that something is wrong with the OS when in fact the only problem the Broadcom company policy regarding drivers that is wrong.

Apparently Broadcom doesn't want to play nice, or someone might be actively preventing them from doing so.

But please Broadcom and all you other manufacturers, open up to a new world, all our lives could be much easier and people might actually begin to respect you in a new way if you do the right thing.

Einar Petersen - Dec. 5 2008

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