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HOWTO - Unmount USB key on the Asus EEE when it keeps showing up in your file manager even after being "unmounted"

So I bought an EEE 901 for my wife and she comes home telling me that she can't read her own or any other USB keys.

A bit baffled I figured I'd just have to sudo umount -a and that'd fix it but alas, the brains at Xandros have in attempt to make the EEE more windows like… uhm? fiddled with the system so that instead of seing the mount device name you see a or D: or E: etc.

In the process of doing this apparently they have not done a very good job at it, so the system doesn't clean up properly so you can end up being stuck with a “mounted” usb filesystem, which is nothing but a ghost image of a once mounted USB key.

The problem is that if you put in a key with different content it doesn't show up.

The solution ?

Simple - I deleted the D: mount in the file manager after spending hours looking through threads discussing the problem.

Interesting enough in the file manager I could see the content from the former USB that had been mounted. Looking at the USB unit icon below in the taskbar, it also identified any plugged in USB storage device as the particular USB that had once upon a time been mounted, but strangely enough the file system never disappeared again and thus the USB storage was rendered useless.

After deleting the D: drive / mount everything worked like a charm again.

I have to advice against following this howto if you do not follow this advice REMEMBER TO UNMOUNT / REMOVE ANY USB DEVICE BEFORE DOING anything like what I did.

Always remember! If you do anything assume full responsibilty for your actions - Don't come around crying and suing for something that you have done by yourself.

You do know keeping backups is mandatory for any computer owner having data that they cannot afford to loose right ?

If not then you do now!

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