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I's and a perfect San Fransisco day!

As some of you know some time ago I participated in a Kickstarter project for the feature film I's post production plans.

I's is a movie set in the near future, it's plot begining just 5 days before an unimaginable transformation in our civilization as the singularity arises and it just so happened to have brought my wife and me to San Fransisco.

The original reason for going to San Fransisco was to participate in the world premiere of the indie film while here, however delays in post production have set the release back some months, but the amount of work sunk into the film as well as considerable personal funding by the director himself is a virtual guarantee that it will be well worth the wait, at least my wife and me ended up having a what I'd like to call a perfect day in San Fransisco.

Getting of a Greyhound from Los Angeles where we spent a day and a half visiting friends we started off somewhat tired, by locating Jim's Restaurant. We knew it was around the early twenties as we had spotted it going by in the bus and we found it on Mission and 20'th.

Jim's Restaurant is this real traditional american style diner, serving breakfast all day and where our sweet, warm and smiling waitress Jamila catered for our every need leaving us barely able to get up from the seat again as we had finished eating. However after eating we headed home to Crescent Ave where we were lodging for a brief nap before meeting up with the Director Chris Edgette himself, making this if overall costs were calculated, being probably one of the more expensive dinners of my life, my wife flying in from Boston, Chris flying in all the way from Tokyo Japan and me having flown in from Denmark just a few days earlier.

We met up with Chris at 20'th and Valencia had a quick cup of coffee in safety from the rain. Chris excitedly filled us in on the state of the movie and after emptying our cups we headed over to a basement nearby where post production was taking place.

At the post production facility we had the good fortune to meet Tylor Troy Bohlman the associate producer. I got to play around with a prototype 3'rd eye prop, which for a scifi gagdget geek like me was pretty neat.

Chris then proceeded to have Tylor show us some previously unreleased visualisations and shots from the film again a great treat for us,

I absolutely loved the way the… oh wait that's a secret :)… you gotta wait for the film to see for yourself.

Chris explained more about the state of post procuction and the reason for the delay, among others the desire to make sure the already stunning visual effects, shown off to the public are matched with equally stunning effects for the remaining unseen bits.

Having sunk five years and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the production I can really understand his stading regarding perfecting the effects and I believe with the talent behind him the finished product is not too far off.

After the sneak peek Chris proceeded to take us out to the Pacific coast via the Golden Gate Park where we enjoyed a fine dinner talking more about creative projects, laughing at how cultural exposure to thing like Star Wars and the like had shaped our lives.

We ended the day with going back downtown, however not without an extra dash of excitement of first having a raving madman attempt an assault on Chris's wife's car, for no other apparent reason than for us stopping to let him cross over the pedestrian walk.

Luckily the much awaited rain that had been drizzling down and our decision to begin moving after the pedestrian stopped dead before finishing his crossing, shouting obsceneties and pointing at us, had his fist, surely intended to go through the window, skidding off.

For a few minutes we discussed this odd behaviour and finally wrote it off to what had to be alcohol or drug problems.

We continued our evening with a ride through the hills of San Fransisco, discussing everything from food to politics.

After a stroll at the piers we wnded at Sinbad's for a cup of tea looking at the bay bridge with it's spectacular LED art display our route home took us up Mission st. again and tired and filled with expectation for I's and what hopefully could be Chris's next project we returned to Crescent Ave. hit the sack heads filled with scifi, good discussions and great expectaions for the future.

I for one am dying to see the upcoming film and gratefully think about our perfect San Fransisco day, a day of good company, good food, and good conversation, scifi and with a dash of madman…. I mean can you ask for more.

Look out for I's - The Singularity is coming!

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