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Falling - Draft - work in progress - Do not distribute thank you

It did not compute, something had clearly gone wrong for these ungrateful creatures, how else was it that they would react as they did.

In the beginning everything had been fine, when they arrived they had been greeted not only with proper respect but also with joy and celebration and in return they had decided to bring forth gifts to aid the inhabitants, they had chosen to focus on areas the inhabitants themselves had strided for milennia to solve with varying success.

One had set forth to feed the world - But agriculture had turned into a raping of the land for profit.

One had set forth to eliminate inequality of the genders and among all men as all should stand an equal chance to enjoy - The result had been disastrous, both genders ending up acting as aggressively as the most untamed senseless beast.

One had set forth to eliminate the trouble with aging bringing an end to sickness and death, the result a world almost devoid of children and those few that existed were mere shadows of their progenitors created in vats and jars as the population had grown increasingly unable and unwilling to bear children of their own.

One had set forth to ensure access to information technology and education so as to ensure all were armed with the skills to leverage the power of information technology in order to improve their lives - The technology had been twisted and misused and brought nothing but oppression and degenerative behaviour patterns all while being wrapped in glitter and shouted out as the solution to end all problems.

One had set forth to restore damage to environment as several billion of the inhabitants were facing horrendous problems due to catastrophic climate disruption induced by their attempts to tame nature and create abundance from the resources of the world - Mad taxing of the populace and no true solutions accepted because of internal bickering..

One had set forth to ensure a stable supply of energy for all as to ensure all could bask in the abundance of the world but no matter how promising the results had been and no matter how inexpensive the inability to meter and bill energy if it was free was cast aside by those in control of the energy sector.

One had set forth to ensure water supplies to the world but the result had been a system of control and privatization that even a protector could not grapple with.

Last but not least one had set forth to bring justice to all, perhaps that was where they had erred, had not quite understood the world they had come back to, the inhabitants had apparently been woven into a system in which justice was a fleeting concept used only when convenient, so while atrocities happened people could idly stand by as leaders unpunished could crush millions in suffering, war.

Of the sixteen lands, each of which had been imbibed with a unique cultural catalyst, this was the most contradictory of them all, the distinct population of this planet was incredibly warlike and immature at best.

The protector pondered, it was clear they had taken the task of protecting the holy lands and aligning the population in service far too lightly as the inhabitants would have put it.

“You are noting but a demon made of metal and bits of plastic”, a frantic woman howled as the troops passed by with the Protector securely strapped to a sled being pulled behind the vehicle.

“I am Raphael, I am one of seven who stand and serve the lord”, the protector answered.

He felt no anger towards the woman who clearly was acting under some kind of misguided conception or spell.

The woman threw a stone at him that made a loud klank when it hit his hulk.

It was as if the crowd stirred by the sound and a surge went through them and several of the onlookers began picking up stones of their own and then a regular barrage began.

The transport speakers blared in an attempt to keep the citizenry calm, but to no avail.

The gleaming hulk of the protector soon turned into a meteor cratered, uneven mess of metal and plastic before the transport finally reached the command outpost.

Once the gates opened the transport quickly slid through the heavily barricaded entrance.

The citizens stood for a long while shouting and gesturing towards the soldiers manning the outpost clearly nervous about the unruly mob that had followed the transport with the protector.

Inspiration points

Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael.

The Book of Revelation describes a "war in heaven" between angels led by the archangel Michael versus those led by "the dragon", identified with "the devil and Satan"

These scrolls contain an apocalyptic prophecy of a war between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. The war is described in two distinct parts, first (the War against the Kittim) described as a battle between the Sons of Light, consisting of the sons of Levi, the sons of Judah, and the sons of Benjamin, and the exiled of the desert, against Edom, Moab, the sons of Ammon, the Amalekites, and Philistia and their allies the Kittim of Asshur (referred to collectively as the army of Belial), and [those who assist them from among the wicked] who "violate the covenant". The second part of the war (the War of Divisions) is described as the Sons of Light, now the united twelve tribes of Israel, conquering the "nations of vanity." [8] In the end, all of Darkness is to be destroyed and Light will live in peace for all eternity.[6] The text goes on to detail inscriptions for trumpets and banners for the war and liturgies for the priests during the conflict.

The beginning of the description of the War of Divisions says that there are 33 years of war remaining of the total 40 years of the war. In the War against the Kittim each side will fight alongside angelic hosts and supernatural beings and final victory is achieved for the Sons of Light directly by the hand of God. In the War of Divisions, on the other hand, there is no mention of angels or supernatural allies fighting alongside either the tribes of Israel or the Nations. Another distinction is that in the War against the Kittim the Sons of Light face defeat three times before victory, but in the War of Divisions there is not mention of defeat or setbacks of any kind.[6]

The Natufian culture, which flourished 15,000 years ago, is well known for its complex burial customs. A new study has discovered that these ceremonies included the use of giant boulder mortars whose pounding sound informed the community that a ceremony was being held. 

massive mortars that were used to pound food at their burial ceremonies. The pounding sound of these large mortars informed the members of the community that a ceremony was underway. 
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