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A series of links to the wonderful world of howto's as I believe one should share one's experiences if at all possible.

HOWTO - Create QR Codes Online for Free Simply go to the site, type text click go!

HOWTO - Earn money from your website using banner advertising.

HOWTO - reenable wireless - Need to reenable wireless after a kernel upgrade ?

HOWTO - release your IP - Can't get on the AP / Internet - maybe you just need to release the IP assigned to your computer system.

HOWTO - Remove sound from video using Linux

HOWTO copy a live USB key to an ISO and transfer that ISO back to another USB key

HOWTO - Unmount USB key on the Asus EEE when it keeps showing up in your file manager even after being "unmounted"

Howto - Converting images from PCX to PNG - Using Linux (Other image formats as well)

HOWTO play a DVD from the command line in Linux

HOWTO - extract data from a database using php

HOWTO - Update specific data in a specific table SQL

HOWTO - set up an ethernet bridge in Linux (Ubuntu)

HOWTO - create social bookmarks

HOWTO - use sed to edit text documents from the command line

HOWTO - dump entire database in MySQL for backup purposes with one single line - As well as linking to other MySQL ressources.

HOWTO - merge PDF files using the free ghostscript in Linux or Windows

HOWTO select a random number in javascript For selecting competition winners etc.

HOWTO set your DNS servers The internet is driven by DNS you need to know how to set your computer to use DNS servers.


HOWTO - set interfaces to default value on a Cisco switch

HOWTO - Find the interface number matching a description

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