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Letter from afar VIII - © 2005-2008 Einar Petersen

Yo dude

I've stumbled across the cutest talent imaginable. She's called Lea Hopkins, I had this layover on a dump of a station when I saw her, she's the daughter of a prematurely worn our female doctor here.

This lass was giving a performance for her classmates and I'm telling you - wow… and no it's nothing like any of the other broads you've ever heard about - believe me!

And the reason why I heard about her talent at all… Some musician organization lobbied the station management and some reporter forced it into the local media and thus supported their cause so strongly that the politicians being lobbied at the time suddenly became responsible for a live response to a request for serious talks on the matter, which resulted in practising facilities, something that had been almost impossible to achieve since the general public was unaware about the problems the young ones faced here and we both know the political establishment indifferent to such things as long as it doesn't affect their public standing, but that's changed now.

You have to sign her - She is going to be big and if you act immediately we'll have a catch in our net that'll dwarf Moby Dick!

I'm telling ya - this is the motherload we've been dreaming off.

If we sign her now we'll be able to use everything. She's pretty as hell, she's young so she can be molded and her mother only wants the best for her and who can offer better “tuition” than us eh?

I've asked around at G-Net where I have an affiliate, She's an exec ready to give us transmission time including financial backing if you are in as well, I've greased the station management so that they'll cooperate fully with regards to her permits etc. there is nothing to stop us if you're on board.

Those performances you and me always talked about - well here's the opportunity to forca them into existence… what'll it be - Why just dream about lottery winnings when we've already got winning ticket here?

And the funny part - you know why she's taken a liking to me?

I'm ugly… well you know - Naturally looking, no bioengineering done to my face, still got that scar from when I dropped of the stage in a stupor.

Imagine it - this beautiful creature and me “the beast” - It'll be priceless.

So what do you think - want me to press a deal through? You run the finances, I control the girl - We score the loot.

Are you with me? I'll give you 2 weeks before I move on from here. That'll give the message time to get through to you and me to grease the machinery.



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