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Terms for commercial license and link to order form

Copenhagen 20120318

You are most likely reading this text because you have gotten your hands on one of the “Galore” graphic libraries for Blender 3D and have an interest in the commercial license.

These libraries are being created to make it possible for you to shortcut the creative process, so that you can produce some rudimentary results as quickly as possible, be it for rapid prototyping, brainstorming or for professional purposes.

The libraries are released under a creative commons non commercial license - However this does not mean you can't use them for commercial purposes and at a dirt cheap price as well.

The Galore graphics libraries by Einar Petersen are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

To use the library in a commercial environment, you simply purchase a commercial license, a license that allows you to use the libraries to produce a final product, like renderings, a movie, posters, games and such.

You may not resell the individual objects unless they are an integrated part of a complete production and you may not resell the library itself and it is a requirement that if you use the library for commercial purposes, that you at the latest before 14 days have passed since you got paid for your professional product, purchase or sign up for the commercial license.

At this time a commercial license for a library is just 25 US$, this is subject to change, however is not expected to do so.

This gives you as a private person, or a company employing less that 10 persons, a perpetual royalty free license to use the libraries.

Companies employing 10+ people, pay a slightly higher license fee of 100 US$ at the time of writing (subject to change, but not expected to).

If your company grows to 10+ persons employed, you are required to purchase an upgrade license costing 75US$ at this time (subject to change but not expected to do so).

All you need to do in addition to paying the license fee, is to give attribution to the library, as you would if you use the library for non commercial purposes.

The license is non transferable, so end user needs to purchase the license if purchase is needed.

How's that for legal mumbo jumbo - Pretty straight forward eh ? This is all down to a strive for ease of use and your satisfaction!!!

Purchase / sign up to your commercial licensehere

And remember you may distribute the library file freely in it's unaltered form according to the license.

You can find an overview of libraries here:

Do drop an email if you use the library with references to your work. This will increase the visibility of your work, rights are reserved to make such references, if the product is being used by you.

That said Have fun - Go create!!!

All the best

Einar Petersen

All rights reserved - With reservation for changes and errors

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