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====== Free 3D resources ====== How often have you found yourself in the situation that you needed something done in 3D quickly to demonstrate something and you just didn't have the time on hand, or resources to create what was needed. Well lucky you - I'm here to help! I have secured the creation of a couple of object libraries, hoping for a texture library that I am releasing under a creative commons license - I also have a number of downloadable models on TinkerCAD that you for non commercial purposes can use - as long as you give credit to me and my collaboration partners for use. But I know that you will also be wanting to use these commercially, so I'll make this incredibly easy and cheap for you as well, for a rock bottom low price starting at 25 US$ depending on your usage, you can acquire a license to commercially use the library packages literally worth thousands of dollars in production time that you can save. Check out the purchase commercial license section, if you want to use it for commercial purposes - [[Purchase 3d object license|Purchase 3D object library license]] You are always welcome to make a donation if you are using any of the libraries you can do that here: [[wktamsupport_contactform|Make a donation]] - A donation may be deducted from the license cost if you decide to get one in the future. Enough talk - Here are the resources - coming very soon... ===== Libraries under creative commons: ===== ==== AsteroidsGalore ==== [[AsteroidsGalore]] - An object Library containing 1000 3D Asteroids ready to use for your pictures, 3D printing and productions. ==== LightningsGalore ==== [[LightningsGalore]] - An object Library containing 100+ Lightning files ready to use in your pictures and productions [[|TinkerCAD models released by Einar Petersen]] - Spaceships, troopers, vehicles ==== GunsGalore ==== [[GunsGalore]] - A collection of weapons, from hand guns to machine guns ==== TexturesGalore001 ==== [[TexturesGalore001]] - A texture library containing 1000's of textures for you to use <fs large>And remember all these libraries are free for you to share with family, friends, followers and acquaintances in their unaltered form!!!</fs>

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