Reckoning /ˈrɛk(ə)nɪŋ/

"Reckoning" is a sci-fi series that can be read by the blind. It tells the story of overview of the story

About Reckoning

Reckoning is a comic book series that is readable by the visually impaired and blind. It features detailed information about the story and characters>

Table of Contents

Part Two - Awakening!

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“The ECO-TERRORIST Group - The Free GAIA Confederation, has claimed responsibility for the crashing of Denver bound Flight ARJ-3467 yesterday morning. A mid-air explosion has sent wreckage down over an area of several square kilometers, no bodies have been recovered, and investigators find that it will be unlikely that they ever will be”. The reporter was droning on about the tragedy of a terrorist attack on Canadian soil and how Prime Minister Sorenson had promised that his government would not rest till the guilty ones had been brought to justice. An attack on Canada was an attack on the world and leaders from around the entire globe chimed in with their support against these heinous criminals.

His hands shook “Stop it enough of this bullshit!” Christopher yelled and hammered his fist into the wooden desk.

“I wish”, a female voice said, she had entered the room while the newscast had been running and Christopher hadn't noticed.

“If they were really interested in the environment. Do you really think They would blow up a plane, pollute the atmosphere and litter square miles with debris?”

“You really want to know who did this ?”, she asked Christopher who through his haze recognized the woman. It was the stewardess.

“You!”, he began and got up from his seat abruptly. A heavy hand pushed him back into the chair as fast as he had gotten up.

“I am really sorry for your situation, but we were worried for your life, Intel had suggested someone intended to harm you during the flight, we had no idea of them being that desperate”.

“What the hell are you talking about? Harm me?”, Christopher barked while thoughts of his wife and child hurled through his mind. He wanted to know if they were safe, but the less these people knew about him, the better, clearly they had him confused with someone else.

“This”, the stewardess said tapping Christophers DocuVault™ lightly, “This has the potential to change the world, I think you know it, that's why you were going to Denver, you thought you'd found the angel investors that would allow you to continue your research, is this really the big energy breakthrough everyone has been waiting for?”.

Christopher swallowed, how did she know what was in the DocuVault™ no trace of this research had ever left the labs over the wire, everything had traversed from safe location to safe location via secure document pouches, he was 100% sure no data had been leaked from him.

“I have no idea what you are talking about”, Christopher began. At that very moment, the doors opened, and a high ranking officer stepped in he wore an insignia Christopher had never seen before,

The badge on his arm said TDF, Terran Defense Force in gold letters seated above a logo with a larger yellow dot and a blue dot embedded in a shield, half blue, and half yellow.

The uniformed people in the room saluted. The officer a Rear Admiral if the Navy Style dress and number of insignia on his collar were an indication of his rank.

“I bet you have been wondering the heck out of yourself as to why you are here, and I am sure you're plenty pissed off by what is going on, and probably you're also scared for your life. Don't be, we mean you no harm whatsoever. Everything that has happened has been to ensure your safety, but you need to prepare yourself for I believe even for a smart man like yourself this will be quite the mouthful to swallow, and I suspect you will have a hard time to believe what I am about to divulge to you”.

Christopher remained silent, his mind raced frantically, what the hell was going on. The Rear Admiral cleared his throat.

“Forgive me, how rude of me… Rear Admiral Rasmussen, Terran Defense Force, a pleasure to meet you Mr. Edge”, the Rear Admiral reached out his hand to Christopher.

While reluctant Christopher extended his hand, the Rear Admiral had a firm grip as did Christopher, a streak of satisfaction flashed across the Rear Admirals face as if Christopher had just passed some type of test.

The Rear Admiral composed himself and began.

“For many years, generations, in fact, a war for control has been waged! You have heard about breakthrough after breakthrough, breakthroughs that seem to fizzle out with a promise of going commercial within a few years, I mean you yourself commented on how many energy breakthrough technologies until you became tired of it and began looking into developing that technology on your own. We all have heard promises of cures for diseases like cancer decade after decade get another announcement that cancer will be cured in the next 10 years, only to have no such thing happen. Then a new bold statement about a cure in the next decade is made, and you wonder how many times can these bright scientists be so wrong on their estimates”.

“Sure it is part overconfidence, but believe me acts of direct sabotage on human endeavors is taking place and have been taking place for possibly millennia. Tesla just to name one was in the process of offering free energy to humanity and was ridiculed, bankrupted and had his research facilities burned down for 'inexplicable' reasons. Tesla headed research in breakthrough technology that is still actively being debunked by mainstream media. Just see the attempts of suppressing electric universe findings, showing how electrical currents and energy are at the heart of our existence, and how many accept that matter is merely a projection of force to a point in spacetime, an effect that our senses are sensing, and something our brains another construct is just interpreting? ”

The Rear Admiral paused. “I can see DocuVault™ - What do you think the consequence will be if you are allowed to expand on your research? Finish it ?”

“Cheap energy…”, Christopher answered.

“Cheap, try free. The principles you are just about to uncover are so simple that virtually anyone using off the shelf components would be able to build an energy reactor to power your home…”

There was a disturbance, someone whispered something in Suzi's ear and sent her rushing from the room.

The Rear Admiral noticed Christopher's eyes following her till she was out of the room.

“She's a good girl, trust me, she had your best interests at hand, and I know you have been reluctant to speak freely, I also want to convey my personal guarantee that we are doing everything in our power to keep your child and wife safe.

Christopher swallowed a lump, seemed they had him exactly where they wanted.

“Do you recognize this man ?” the Rear Admiral asked pointing to an image on the wall projector.

Christopher's gaze flicked to the wall projector, it was the ragtag guy from the morning of his abduction.

The Rear Admiral eyed Christoper's expression and gestured causing the images to change.

“How about this fellow”, the Rear Admiral asked.

Christopher was somewhat startled to see a man whom Christoper had seen in the metro countless times over the years, someone he never had managed to strike up a conversation with but whom he considered a nodding buddy.

“They've been following me?”, Christopher replied.

“Yes, but not in the way you think”, the Rear Admiral retorted. Christopher did not answer, he was fuming, felt betrayed this was entirely outrageous, after the spying scandals and the subsequent seeming cleanup of the behavior of the worlds intelligence services this stuff was still going on.

“How much you know about holographic projection”, the Rear Admiral asked.

“I don't know, projecting lifelike imagery on stage at a concert, song and dance functionality at this point!”, Christopher answered suppressing his initial outburst of emotions bubbling under the surface.

Rear Admiral Rasmussen smiled, pressed a button on his wrist-unit, seconds later, and an apparition appeared ghostly on the wall, then it looked as if the ragtag punk effortlessly walked through the wall of the room setting himself down nonchalantly in a chair, then swiveling around planting his feet on the table with a thud.

Christopher was startled, “What the…”

“What's up dude you never saw a living hologram before ?”, the apparition exclaimed.

Christopher looked at the Rear Admiral who made a waving motion with his index finger as to silence the both of them, a small hovering quadcopter like drone descended with a swosh from the ceiling just stopping itself right in front of Christopher's face.

“Go ahead extend your hand”, the Rear Admiral offered.

Christopher eyed the Rear Admiral with a hint of suspicion and then obliged.

The drone silently sat itself down on Christopher's open palm.

“Push the red button”, the Rear Admiral said.

“Hey wait…”, the hologram began as if to argue against what was about to happen next, then flickered away as Christopher pressed the button.

“And that's just the utmost tip, of the tip of the iceberg, there are possibilities you could only dream of available for humanity, technologies that would alleviate hunger, disease, poverty, you name it everything is possible. This world of ours could become Eden again; if it wasn't for those bastards doing everything humanly and inhumanly possible to suppress mankind at every corner”.

Rear Admiral Rasmussen finally sat down.

“You see they are afraid of us, in fact; They are scared of how we think and terrified about our wishes for our fellow men, about our visions for equality, peace, and prosperity, that's why things are in such a shitstorm all over the globe all the time, through chaos they exert control!”

Christoper stupified by what he had just experienced said nothing, just sat there with is lower lip hanging leaving his mouth slightly open.

“Why do you think they took down the towers, created the economic crisis, keep millions upon millions in poverty, disease, and ignorance”.

“Because that is the only way they can stay in control, by asserting their godforsaken manipulations on an unknowing populace”, the Rear Admiral sighed heavily.

They? Christopher inquired as he was slowly but surely drawn in by the Rear Admiral's briefing.

To Be continued in Part Three - Coming Home!