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In the near future an Orwellian politician's wet dream of a neatly controlled society has been implemented.

Yet a brave handful of souls foreseeing what was ahead implemented a long term plan to set the world free. A resistance was born!

This was the premise for Implant! a short story originally available as a read on geocities way back when!

Implant! as a comicbook

The concept of Implant! evolved and the latest iteration of Implant! was successfully funded on Kickstarter as science fiction comic book project.

Implant! readable by the visually impaired and blind

Is the next evolution in the Reckoning project - In order to better demonstrate how to make comicbooks readable by the visually impaired and blind I've set off to convert Implant! to a format that can be read in a tactile format - Right now I am running a Kickstarter to make that happen

Get a copy!

Today the Implant! is available as a read to anyone signing up to my ongoing science fiction comicbook venture Reckoning on Patreon with a price tag starting at one USD (1 US$) per month, a regular bargain and you will become part of something amazing at the same time.

Reckoning is a project developing a fully 3D printable comic-book scifi series, pages readable by the visually impaired, printable models from every panel and so much more visit join us for at least one month to get your copy of Implant!

Here is a list of the wonderful people who supported the comicbook project Implant! - The Rising on Kickstarter

Read The story

Implant! - Here you can find the original text version of a very dark SCIFI tale from the near future.

Please NOTE: The text is First Draft Material! and has mainly been used as inspiration for the comic.

But nevertheless there it is.

A little history

Adopt a page in the comicbook

A one year adoption of a page in the comicbook is available - contact me for further information

Implant! videos

Implant! in the media

Here you can find a few videos done in connection with Implant!


Do you want to see more stories of mine released as comic books sooner rather than later ?

Support me on Patreon and get the comicbook Implant! for signing up or

Make a support pledge today!!!

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