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Job Opening

Korean social media/crowdfunding expert wanted.

Employer - P2012

Job Description:

I am working towards crowd-funding the translation of my fairytale “The story of a lonely girl” into Korean (it will be released under a creative commons license, i.e. free to share). I want to do this via Korean Social Networks.

The aim of the campaign is to raise the funds to have the story translated, edited and marketing.

Once those costs are covered the intent is to release the Korean version in the same manner as the English version has already been, as I am in the process of releasing free stories for among other reasons to make people aware of free software for the disabled under development by The Global Ability Initiative.

The crowd funding effort page can be found here:

I need someone with knowledge of Korean social media to assist me in marketing this initiative to users of Korean social media and assure leads for this campaign, leading to a successful campaign.

The campaign needs to be done via my own homepage and my own payment processor as I need to remain in full control of the campaign as well as through Korean social media.

If you are not serious about applying don't bother - This is a project aimed for promoting charity.

I would prefer you to be a Korean national, based in Korea. If you are not Korean you need to convince me why you should be awarded the position

You have 30 days to achieve your goal, with an additional, one week preparation time after I hand the job to you

There will be absolutely no up front payment or fixed salary during campaign - PERIOD (have had too many people waste my time).

If a satisfactory fundraising goal is not reached, you have not been capable of fulfilling your task and no payment will be made - This is a no cure no pay opportunity. We shall discuss in private what a satisfactory goal is once we get around to nailing down your exact employment contract.

It may sound harsh but I think this an easy task for an individual truly knowledgeable of Korean Social Media Marketing.

As for salary you will be paid 10% of the raised funds after administrative fees etc. of payment processors have been deducted.

If your work results in me raising the funds before the 30 days are over you will be awarded bonus pay, instead of 10% you will be awarded 15% of the raised funds for your work.

Payment will happen 6 weeks from campaign completion to make sure contributions do not come from unfortunate sources or from people that change their minds and cancel their paypal donations.

A final tally of raised funds after 30 days will be made at that point to calculate your salary and will thereafter be paid out to you.

This task is a test balloon - if you are successful there are other crowdfunding initiatives you could apply to orchestrate both in the same area as well as others.

To avoid SPAM you are directed to apply via the contact form on the authors homepage.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen - P2012


Desired Skills & Experience

Korean Social Media

Language fluency Korean and English



Company Description

P2012 that for legal reasons will be payment benefactor is a Consulting firm specializing in IT and Media

Additional Information about the job




  Not Applicable 


  Marketing, Strategy/Planning 


  Media Production
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