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A chance to win up to 200 US$

The premise of this competition is incredibly simple.

Blog/write about my fairy tale “Lao Po's dream, or the story of a lonely girl” and you can get a shot at winning up to 200 US$.

Write the piece on your blog, your facebook wall or your Google+ profile - basically on any legitimate social network you're using.

Link back to my story at & to the narrated version at

Submit the url where your piece is available and some additional information about the text and yourself to me through this webform

Your piece must live up to a couple of conditions:

It will have to include a brief synopsis of the story - preferably without any spoilers.

It needs to include the story name, my name, the story genre and the reason for why I am making the story available for free online.

This being a good competition it will actually have several winners!!! and in my eyes no losers per se, because no matter what, you will have helped to raise focus on a charitable effort for the disabled.

The top participating referrer piece appearing on the top ten referrer list, bringing in the most unique visitors at the end of the competition wins a grand prize of 200 US$.

The 2'nd runner up in unique referrals will a prize of 100 US$ and the third runner up will win a price of 75 US$.

As not everyone will be able to bring in traffic I still respect their efforts, so 4 prizes of 25 US$ will be given to 4 lucky random users not already having won any prizes.

All pieces need to be publicly viewable.

All rights to pieces written about “Lao Po's dream, or the story of a lonely girl” are automatically signed over to me once you submit the piece to the competition, this includes the right to use, link to, create derivative works distribute etc. i.e. all rights. There will be no time limit on said rights, they will run on a perpetual royalty free basis, with no geographic limitations.

You are allowed to create multiple postings, though you are not allowed to violate any of the rules of those places where you may be posting.

You are also forbidden to use automated scripts, or other ways to artificially boost your traffic ratings.

Each visitor from your piece & link, must be unique, so no traffic spamming from behind proxies known or unknown.

Yes I know it is not much, but the price for you to participate is virtually null and remember this is to promote knowledge about The Global Ability Initiative and the money comes directly from my own pocket and not from some mega corporation.

One last condition - you can only participate if you may legally do so in your country.

Any taxes to be paid from winnings are to be paid by you.

Prizes will be paid out via

When the prize is sent to the address you give in the webform, if you do not claim your prize within the time period offers you to claim the transfer, then the prize is forfeit.

This competition runs until the end of may 2012 (Danish time) you are only eligible to win one prize, but I may choose to award more than one prize to a piece, if it is the winner in more than one category.

That said let the competition begin. Looking forward to your entries.

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen

Oh… and don't forget to share this with your friends and the rest of the world! - GOOD LUCK!!!

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