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- A newsletter all about Einar -

Hello there and welcome to this the very first issue of The Einarkist!

This is my very first attempt at creating a newsletter, so please forgive any layout problems and all the other mess it will entail :)

I guess most of you noticed that September 2015 went past and no asteroid hit earth on the 23'rd, leaving most of the USA uninhabitable as well as sending tsunamis all over the world and basically making it a rather gruelling place despite hundreds upon hundreds of Youtube videos claiming it would…

Also seemingly no sinister plan by the NWO to decimate the population was pushed at the 70'th aniversory of the UN, despite the firm proof that something was going on with the Pope n'all coming to the USA, again something myriads of videos were claiming, or maybe I just missed those big wheels springing into motion and will be decimated before long, meaning no more entertainment for my readers.

Also disappointingly to me personally and to millions of other people, the Pope despite being shrouded in controversy over his past and present stances on things, did not disclose any Extra Terrestrial contact despite thousands of Youtube segments insisting he would. DANG!!!

An event which I think would have been a pretty awesome and likely would have awoken some folks to the fact that we live on a pale blue dot, that is but a speck of dust in an unending universe. A pale blue dot that is home to us all to paraphrase Carl Sagan.

Damn you Youtube for getting my hopes up ;)

However dismaying the absence of some of the “shocking events” guaranteed to come by September according to the above sources, meanwhile, on another speck in this world called Denmark, I have made rather more mundane strides towards my multiple goals, barring naturally the one about total world domination and the implementation of Einarki but that will come later :)

So what's been happening lately ? - Well my Macedonian programmer has provided another release for a POC for one of the games I am having developed in Unity 3D.

The game is planned to be released on multiple platforms though with focus on mobile and copies of the work in development can be found on

A word of warning though - Download software from my page at own risk!!! But feel free to comment.

And speaking of Unity 3D…. WOOOOOOAH a Linux version, .deb available in both stable for Ubuntu and “unstable”/platform agnostic - SWEET so I was saved by the bell from being forced back onto windows to develop…

Phew !!!

Unfortunately I have however not had a chance to test the latest release due to lack of a self owned computer, but I have one on order that is ready to pick up - All I need now is to arrange transport.

Some of you probably know this lack of a computer has in fact been something that many of my projects have been severely suffering from.

I have however in the absence of my own computer with appropriate software outsourced among other things the making of files for laser-cutting/engraving to my trusty Argentinian 3D artist Gustavo Ordoñez - a trial svg for laser engraving has arrived today, so I foresee progress on the board game front soon.

And you might also have caught in your respective streams or not, that I have managed to engage 3 illustrators to look at three of my SCIFI stories, Reckoning, Implant and Rain

- Here are some preliminary images they've been producing for me.

Sketch from Rain

 <img src="" alt="Illustration example from rain"> 

Illustration from Implant!

 <img src="" alt="Illustration example from Implant!"> 

Sketch from Reckoning.

 <img src="" alt="Illustration example from Reckoning"> 

You can find more images from each of the stories at:

I find it pretty awesome to have these people working on the stories and hope we will be able to take one or more of them all the way to final publication. Right now most work is happening on Rain and Implant.

Please notice the images on the page mentioned above are but sketches at current stage so not the final product, but exciting nevertheless.

Regarding my children's stories I am looking at setting up a Kickstarter to facilitate further translations as well as a review for already translated but not yet officially published versions in multiple languages.

So be on the lookout for news of that, as well as news of possible other Kickstarters related to all the things I'd like to share with the world, right now I am veritably bursting with ideas and projects that are moving forwards again.

Yes I've got a lot of irons in the forge, and I am in the process of surrounding myself with talented people and together we will stir up the creatorsphere.

And to all you good people out there, remember that you can speed up the progress of each of these efforts by spreading the news, as well as supporting my ventures financially or otherwise by visiting to learn more about what you can do.

Till we meet again - All the Best!!!


Oh… On a very final note - Please do let me know what you think of the format - and with the delivery of the content etc. you all have my email address, so let me know how I can make “The Einarkist” better or if it is perfect as is :)

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