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Stories by Humans for Humans™ - 包括中国汉版本

Latest news:

My Patreon page is now live click here!!!

Kickstart of Implant! is on hold more here!!!

The first issue of "The Einarkist" my newsletter is out now! Take a peek and please do sign up if you like it.

问世此时 一个孤单女孩的故事 The story of a Lonely Girl - available as Chinese PDF download.

Fjørufólkið/Fiordlings/黄金眼 - a tri language release!!!

Korean Crowd Funding project for translation of "The Story of a Lonely Girl"

STAR WARS Charity Auction - STAR WARS Weekend 2012 Action at E-Bay over. Proceeds + additional donation sent to the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.

itsawiki.png - always under construction

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Welcome to, the place for “all things me”.

As those of you who know me, are already aware. I have many interests/hobbies and doings.

This page an attempt to organize information that might be of interest to people and an attempt to create a forum that will allow me to better collaborate with those that share a fellow interest with me.

Below you can find links to pages about just about anything related to me. Here you can see how to support me.

Free Blender3D resources - 3000 Asteroids, Lightning, weapons and more to come.

Career - Professional info.

Contact information - How to get in touch with me.

Writings - My more creative side.

My Blender3D/Unity 3D Games

FOSS / Open Source Ventures - To which I have direct affiliation.

Free Energy - No this is not a discussion on violating of the laws of thermodynamics. We're talking wind energy!

Philantrophy - Ventures to which I am tied or support.

Philosophic musings - Worldviews and suggestions to making our world a better one.

Proposed reading and viewing - A list of noteworthy books, texts and flicks you might want to read and or see.

Interesting Organizations and sites - Sites I could imagine might be of interest to you and even helpful.

I want one! - Things I need ;o)

Howto - How to do things…

Cancer research - A cure or inhibitor for Liver Cancer! - work in progress

Support me!

Contact : Contact and pledge

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